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 HH-2 Primary Deck Covering

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一.Structure Type:
二.Technical Index:
No. Item name Index Executive standard


Initial setting time
Final setting time
Modulus of rapture
Compressive strength
Water absorption
Oil absorption
Heat conductivity
Not readily ignitability, smoke & toxicity
Weight per square meter

In accordance with IMO.FTPC Parts 2,5/IMO.A653(16)


Characteristic: Form with flat and smooth
Applicable for: Patch up the roughness of each primary covering application and the leveling coat of A-60          class deck
Consume amount: 4.0~4.5 kg/m2
Packing: Dry material (A component): 18 kg/pack; Liquid (B component): 5.5kg/barrel (Determinated      according to the temp. and humidity)
Storage: Cool and dry place, moisture-proof, the quality guarantee period is 3 months
Approval Certificate: CCS

四.Application Method:
4.1 Application Procedures
4.1.1 Before application, the covering shall be at least freely maintained 7 days, the application of the product shall be carried out until the base covering completely hardened. The dusts, oils, paints and other impurities on the covering surface shall be completely removed.
4.1.2 If the surface of covering is too dry, a suitable amount of water or maintaining agent should be sprayed onto the surface, and it is applicable for no water seeping.
4.1.3 Stir the dry materials (A component) and the liquid (B component) evenly in agitator according to the specified ratio of A:B=1:1(pack rotio), and then pour the covering onto the surface of covering and leveling the covering surface with trowel.

5.1 In order to ensure the fluidity of covering, it shall be strictly applied according to the blending ratio of the product and shall not any changed the blending ratio of the product.
5.2 The application thickness of the covering shall be strictly controlled and not be over 3mm. If the roughness on the surface of the covering is over 3mm, it should be flattened by abrading and repaired to be flat using the same covering.
5.3 If the dry material is obviously caked, the liquid is emulation-breaking and settled, it shall not be used.

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